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Imagine only having to water your lawn once a month. Or not having to mow your lawn but twice a year, if at all. Well imagine no more! Liberty Lawn is here! Gone are the days of having your weekends disturbed by having to mow your lawn. With Liberty Lawn's surface growth maxing out at about 4 inches high, you may never mow again. Just sit back and enjoy your beautiful, real, green grass. And if you pay someone else to do your lawn care, look at the savings. The water savings could be huge. Because of the extensive root growth, not only will you not have to water near as much in the Summer but, you will not have to water until June or July. While other grasses are dying for lack of water, your Liberty Lawn will be doing fine for a long time to come before it needs anything. Liberty Lawn will only need to be watered a handful of times a year, depending on the winter we receive. It could also add value to your home or business as well. Besides saving you money, time and work for years to come and, as our drought continues, the more water we save, the better.

The grass is a Kentucky blue grass hybrid that grows to a dwarf height for minimal mowing. But what makes this grass truly special is what's below ground: its roots. They grow up to 48 inches deep. That's over ten times the root growth of the average turf grass, giving this grass access to water and nutrients no other grass can come close to. Liberty Lawn grass spreads by shallow rhizomes, so standard edging is still effective even with the extreme root growth. The grass is disease resistant and because of the root structure, animals are not as harmful. This grass was developed for the high demands of golf courses. It is a highly efficient, low maintenance grass that can take the abuses that come with any golf course.

If you are going to change, change to the best: Liberty Lawn. Liberty Lawn applies 150% of the recommended amount of seed. In this case, more is better. And we only use all natural fertilizer. No harm to animals or people. So, if you're tired of the constant work and expense of caring for a real, green grass lawn, convert your lawn to the best grass there has ever been! A small investment now could save you a lot later.

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